HornBlaster  Fog Horn Timer



Model HB-1/HB1-1m for boats under power* Model HB-ps for boats under sail or power


Sounds your boat's horn when you are in the fog 
so you don't have to...

You're busy enough!

The HornBlaster Fog Horn Timer sounds your boat horn in conformance with the COLREGS Rule 35 requirements for a power or sail driven vessel making way through water. It is small, works with most horns, is easy to install, and easy to use. Simply turn on the switch and let the  HornBlaster Fog Horn Timer sound your horn in the correct sequence, repeating the process until you shut it off.

* The Model HB-1-1m for boats under power is for people who like to sound their fog horn more frequently.  The HB-1 has a 100 second cycle, the HB-1-m has a 60 second cycle. Click here for timing sequences


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